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Our current Diet

We eat cheese but avoid cows milk.

We also avoid:
- Soy
- Corn, especially corn syrup
- Gluten
- Peanuts
- Tomatoes

Note: We seem to be able to tolerate an occasional piece of the FRANZ Gluten Free Bread. The bread contains Xanthan Gum, which can be from corn.

We also avoid the following preservatives and food coloring:

- Artificial color, including annato
- Sorbates
- Benzoates
- Sulfites
- Nitrates
- Propionates
- Antioxidants
- Glutamates
- "Natural flavoring" and any other added flavor

- Limit salicylates

We eat the following:


- Green Beans

- Black Beans

- Celery

- Leeks

- Garlic

- Shallots

- Potatoes

- Peas

- Cabbage

and other low salicylate veggies



- Pears

- Golden Delicious Apples

(All must be peeled)


- Cashews

- Pecans


-Sesame seeds

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